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ok. when i play my pattern in the pattern view , it crackes lots.. why is this?
also, are there any limits on what wav files i can load, some of them just refuse to load.. no weird names or anything........

also, a question about conventions.. is it better to have one sampler per sound, or canyou control the level, filtering etc of each sample in one sampler? what are the reccomended comptuer specs for running a *decent* ammount of machines..?


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I think the crackling occurs because of too low sound latency. You should add some latency from Configuration->Settings->Input/output->Latency.

Every sample played by the same sampler will go through same effect machines. However, you can change individual sample's filter and amplitude envelopes from instrument editor (press F10).

You can also control note's volumes using Cxx pattern command. Eg:

C-5 01 01 CFF <-- full volume, FF
C-5 01 01 C80 <-- half volume, 80

The amount of machines you can use depends much of what machines you are using. For example, pooplog FM lab can use much CPU.

I'm using Celeron 400MHz and it's not usually too slow (though when playing some songs, I need to use maximum latency).

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