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  Gated Pads        Go on top to this Page

There's a studio technique that's apparently pretty popular known as "gated Pads." One input signal is gated by the amplitude of another input signal.

For instance, a big pad sound, or a slow sequence of guitar chords, is chopped up by a gate that is following, say, a 16th note cymbal track.

I'm trying to figure out how to do this in Psycle. I would need a gate that worked this way, but Psycle doesn't really support two inputs that work differently, right? Some effects (like vocorders) use the left and right channels for this. Some follow a MIDI track.

Buzz allows control of machines by peer machines. I suppose I could just do the gated pad in Buzz and save it as a wav to bring into Psycle. Seems like a pain, though.

It would be nice if Psycle could evolve the idea of Peer controllers. Or allow multiple ins and outs.

Anyone know how to do gated pads in Pscyle now?

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