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-psycledelics- » Discussions » SKINS BOARD » skinners, please read !
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skinners, please read !        Go on top to this Page

ok the problem with the skins sub folders has been found (seems it was an easy one )

psycle uses the same search routine as vst folder, so when creating a sub-folder for your skins, don't use dots in the sub-folder's name !

this is only for sub-folders name, it's ok for the files (.psv and graphics files)

so here's an example of how a new skin should be submitted with krokpitr's 4 elementals (the problem occured with this one ):
the skin should consist in krokpitr-4elements-ground.psv + a sub-folder ('krokpitr 4elements v04' could be the name, but no dots ) with krokpitr-4elements-header.psh and .bmp and krokpitr-4elements-machines.psm and .bmp.
zip it and send it here

(the .psv file could be in the sub-folder as well, but please keep it directly in the skins folder for clearer organization)

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I would like to know what other rules apply concerning VST folder names... Obviously there can't be any dots ;P what else is to be respected? I have some directories that are not recursed but they don't have dots in their names...


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