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-psycledelics- » Discussions » TIPS BOARD » LM-4 troubles...
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  LM-4 troubles...        Go on top to this Page

whoa... I was really impressed by Psycle and it actually has revived my tracking hobby, since I've been doing no music for the past 2 years or so.

but I got this problem. I'm using LM-4 MkII VSTi drum sampler because I got this kick-ass batch called Drumkit from Hell and I don't really know which other VSTi could handle.

so basically I'm asking if anyone has experience with using LM-4 in Psycle or if there are better ways of creating drums for the program...

I'm also a newbie to MIDI so excuse my lack of proper terminology

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I take it you already noticed the VSTi is not supported (yet?)...

On my end I tend to use soundfont drumkits which can be found here and there... They are not the same than VSTi but work well for me.

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Waldorf Attack!

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