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-psycledelics- Resources FREE VST & VSTI Great reverb!
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Helsinki, Finland
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Taika-Kim ist offline
  Great reverb!        Go on top to this Page

Helooo! I found a good freeware reverb VST, which is nice because both of the native Psycle reverbs are quite simple.

The plugin is called Hispasonic Freeverb, I think the site was, you have to register to get to the downloads section. The site is in Spanish, but it's not so hard to navigate even if you don't speak the language

Another, though a bit specialised, reverb is the Empire reverb, but I don't know where it can be found. It's great for atmospherics, percussion etc.

Any recommendations for ANY freeware EQs are welcome, it's a pain having to use filters for EQing...

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ksn ist offline
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mmm BlueParamEQ by digilog ?

i know it's supposed to be shareware but it's categorized as freeware nearly everywhere

but i second you in this : not only we need more vst EQ but i've been asking for a native EQ for ages


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Pikari ist offline
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I somehow remember that there was third native reverb too.. but now I can't find it from the files section. could it have been a beta or something ?)

anyway, it's pretty simple too.

gotta try those VST 'verbs

...I use fruity 7 band EQ, btw. Unfortunately it crashes sometimes (though I can save my song even after the pluging crashes )

Pik - the master of short and unclear messages.

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love simple verbs

i always use argugu verb
and for delay`s dalay delay


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DANCEnRg ist offline
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Agree's those two effects are simple & do exactly what they should,reverberate and delay nicely.

Allso some eq features included in the master would be very handy,an essential for any mastering needed to the finished song.


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