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-psycledelics-DevelopmentPSYCLE DEVELOPMENT ╗ Psycle Status , August 2002
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Psycle Developer

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Psycle Status , August 2002        Go on top to this Page

Psycle 1.6

Current works on this version are being done on fixing bugs, and adding small features.
This is the list at 8 august 2002:


* Changed Wav loading routines to use RIFF loader. This allows to see SoundForge's loops settings.
* Added Patch to make VSTi sc-101 from SC developers work. (Not an awesome plugin anyway)
! Fixed a cause for crash when loading songs/closing Psycle. (paint updating while deleting song)
! Fixed : Flanger Machine could become unstable and use all the CPU avaiable when the feedback was higher than 50% and the input sound stopped.
! Fixed : Loading bug that causes volumes to be damaged between native<->VST<->native connections. Generally, you won't notice it, but the file is damaged (meaning, not complying to what there should be in the file). The saving routine has been fixed and the loader routine has been modified to be aware of this problem. This should fix the "In some rare cases, when opening a song, psycle produces noise." bug
! Fixed : Loading a sample with a name longer than 32chars, activated the "Tempo Syncronized Loop"
! Fixed : Rare "divide by zero" error at startup fixed ( thanks to Gulrak for this )

Note that this list is incomplete (these are just my changes). Also, more will come in the next days.

I hope that this version (probably named 1.66) will be released this month.


* Sound routings: I am still playing with different designs. The first I had was very specific for the implementation I had in mind (which was to change the machine view to a mixer view) so it is not that good for general usage. (i.e. in Psycle 1.6)

Now I have one that allows realtime rerrouting and doesn't seem too complicated. I still have to study it a bit more to see if it will work as expected.

* Fileformat : I have started making the Extended RIFF format that Dan described ( ID-size-version-data as opposed to ID-size-data ). This allows several versions, to create just new headers and store there the information in a better sorted way than current fileformat, and still allowing old versions to load it.

* Of course, with the new fileformat, many changes will come (It is not just to make it "cleaner" and/or smaller). I had a talk with Invect and he suggested me some ways of how to make the multi sequence. Still some time to come until it sees the light.

(Help is always appreciated!)

See you.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;ĚD

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