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I start with Psycle and I wonder how to allow a note to stay "active" more than one beat... For instance how to insert a half note when teh staff is 4/4? (I hope you can undersand my poor English)

Thanks for your help.

from France ?(

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Trackers are not limited in this regard, they just work differently.

The main thing that you need to know is that when you put a note on a pattern, you are only indicating when it will start. The time signature, 2/4, 4/4, 3/4, 4/12... that doesn't matter. (Also note that most trackers don't really have a time signature, you can only describe the length of a beat, but not the length of a bar).

So, when will the note stop if it is not part of the note?
Depends on several things:

- If it is playing a sampled wave and the wave is not looped, it will stop when it reaches its end.
- Sampled as well as synthetized sounds can have volume envelopes, and the notes will stop when the end of such envelope is reached.
- When the pattern has an "off" note in the same track for that sample/generator, depending if there is an envelope or not.

About this third case, Psycle's "off" note means:
- If the sample is not looped, or has a "continuous type" loop and has no envelope, stop it. (This only happens with Sampulse, because the classic sampler always has an envelope).
- If the sample has a "sustain type" loop (only in sampulse) or an envelope with a sustain point (most of the generator synths and the classic sampler), it allows to continue from that point onwards but does not try to stop it. It is expected that after releasing the sustain, it will reach the end of the sample or the end of the volume envelope.

On some trackers (Impulse Tracker, Modplug Tracker,...) they have two types of "off" notes. One that works like the Psycle one, and the other that forcibly stops the sound.

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