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  Psycle 1.12.2 beta Reports        Go on top to this Page

Hi! First of all, thanks for your efforts to bring us a new release (even a beta one) of Psycle.

The new built-in lua editor and parameter map look really promissing! Thanks again.

But I must to talk about an issue I've got testing LADSPA's: Psycle hangs when I try to replace LADSPA plugins for windows. Right now I can't load the following test file: [DOWNLOAD THE TEST FILE]. I don't remember which plugin I was trying to replace for. I don't want to recover the information, I've uploaded it just in case it could be useful for debugging purposes.

Thank's in advance, and...

Keep on the good work!


Edited the link to use the http address instead of the ftp address


( ? )Oo. X( :( :| :) :)) :D .cC( Psycle! )

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Thanks for the report Angelus.

Yup, there was a missing check in the LADSPA code for when the plugin has been removed. In your case it was calf.dll.

I've just fixed it and reuploaded both installers and .zips with it (also fixed the 32bit .zip, that had the wrong name for psycle plugins dir)

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;ĚD

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thank you man for everything you do.
downloading it ....


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