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liquid boy

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dunedin, new zealand
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  pooplog fm attack/release time        Go on top to this Page

I'm trying to write a single line melody for this machine, and i want the release and attack to be quite long. when i use a single track, the release and attack are instant no matter how long i make them. If i use 2 tracks, and have the notes alternating between tracks, with an 'off' command corresponding with the next note, it works, but this is very annoying.

to get it to work with the correct attack/release times it has to look like this:


Is there a setting I'm missing that will make the release time work when only using one track of the pattern, or is this a bug, or an expected behavior?

hope that makes sense.



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I guess that is because this plugin isn't allocating the voices dynamically.

To get the effect that you want, two voices would need to play in the same track (the one that is fading out, and the one that has started).

In trackers, that used to be the normal behaviour, until Impulse Tracker invented "New Note Actions" and allowed one track to have multiple voices playing at the same time.

In Psycle, the classic sampler and Sampulse allow New Note actions, VST instruments can have multiple voices in one track (because internally, VST's don't know about tracks), and some native plugins support NNAs (like JMDrum).

So, for psycle plugins, this is something that needs to be implemented in each one.

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