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  A few programs to manipulate PSB files        Go on top to this Page

Hello everyone, I took too long to join this community, to express how I feel. I like Psycle, but the bugs are off-putting. Many of them were fixed in the latest release, but I remain skeptical.

Don't be misled by my statements. I'm still using this program for loopy music creation LOL. Last year, I used it almost exclusively (although I had two other trackers available) and came up with 50 songs or so, mixing and matching many drum loops and one-shots I acquired from the COMPUTER MUSIC coverdiscs, and also using many VST plug-ins, freeware or payware. I would like to share these songs with you, but I'd have to find a place to host them for a few years at least. At the moment, I'm unemployed and I don't have my own Internet connection, so uploading is off-limits for now.

ROFL I would have been driven crazy by the tendency of the previous version of Psycle, where it added a Sampler everytime the "Load" button was clicked...

I decided to share a couple of programs for Windows which create or process PSB files. You create a PSB file by using the File menu in Psycle, choose "Save As...", then in the file type pull-down menu, choose "Psycle Pattern File (*.PSB)". Opening a PSB file is a similar process.

Visit this page to download:

Enjoy the programs, and please read all the documentation that comes with the ZIP archive.

Until next time,

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Hello and welcome to psycledelics.

It is nice that you share these programs with us . Probably it's not an usual way to use Psycle, but sometimes it's nice to automate some things.

Said that, I will take some time to improve the experience of using psb files. That feature was added really long ago (I think it was added in 1.5, but is not present in the whatsnew.txt and it already exists in version 1.6 in the source repository).

It was implemented as a way to copy some patterns from other songs (like when doing a cooperation) and a way to have some predefined patterns (for drumloops mostly).

The PSY fileformat is also documented*, but the patterns are compressed and probably that part is more complicated to replicate in another language.

* file-format.description.txt , datacompression.cpp

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;ĚD

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