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  Tweaking Parameters Over Time        Go on top to this Page

I was just wondering if there is a way to cause the changes that happen in a tweak to occur over a period of time. For example, if you were to do a crescendo by tweaking the volume parameter, or a pitch bend by tweaking the pitch parameter. What I'm thinking of would be something that sounds like a smooth tweak that is extended.

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You have to write "twk" (tweak) or "tws" (tweak smooth) commands in the pattern. Tweak means an immediate chagne, while tws changes gradually during that line.

None of those do by themselves what you want, but you can use them to end with the desired effect:

C-4 .. 00 0000
tws 05 00 0012
tws 05 00 0018
tws 05 00 001D
tws 05 00 0024
tws 05 00 002A
tws 05 00 0030

This changes the parameter 5 of the machine 0 from value 12 to value 30 over the duration of 6 lines.

There are two (three) options to ease this:

- You can use the feature of "record tweaks" (see under the sequence). If you play a pattern, have the machine window open, and move the knob, those changes will be automatically recorded in the pattern.

- Use any of the two interpolation methods available in the right mouse button: Interpolate, and interpolate (Curve). The first one will just do a linear interpolation.
The second one shows a window where you can draw the change.

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