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-psycledelics- Discussions OFF TOPIC Completely out of Inspiration :(
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Berlin, Germany
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  Completely out of Inspiration :(        Go on top to this Page

Any1 else knows it?

Ive done quite a chunk of tracks over the years, but these days i simply cant get anything done...

I mean, it's not that i wouldnt try, but it all ends into a point where i don't know how to make, or even, finish a track.

I fire up psycle pretty much every other day. Run my fingers all over the keyboard (random melodies ftw!) and might even hit the right keys for something cool. But once i start, i end up with just some theme or a build up to some theme.

Lost the idea to fill up a track. Dunno.. it sorta sucks.
Back in the days, i was able to get all my emotions into a track. Be it good stuff (Adorable) or rather sad
(Little 15) and carry it over to the end.

These days it just seems to be mofo impossible, even though my life goes up and down. That always been my biggest source of inspiration.

Tried to stay off my usual genre (Trance), even smashed all mainstream stuff in my ears (gaaaaah!!!) and tried any sort of distraction. Music wise... Didnt work at all.

So my question: what do you do when you reach that point (if you ever)?

Sucks when ya aint get anything done you love.
And i love music.

Throw in your ideas, im open for anything but drugs


i appear, just to disappear again...

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Ali Bla Bla

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  Inspiration tip?        Go on top to this Page

Inspiration is not a science and what work for one don't work for the other.

Often, it come from real experiences that we live so if nothing hapend, you have to visit or try things that i nerver did before.

On this point, i am ok, i think!

Often to complete 2 or 3 scrap pieces, start the good one.
(The inertie theory!)

My best tip is to listen melodies that you can't clearly listen so your brain re-compose what he thing what he listen!

Don't tell it to the other ones! It is my secret!

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Meditate, that's all I can give you.

my site

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Russia, Saint-Petersburg
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just use external rules and external deadline, so U put yourself in some restricted environment in which you have to release your work.

actually, I'm talking about participating in some competitions.
I recommend you to participate in SDCompo and represent the Psycle world. New round tracking is active and you can join it right now.

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i were in a situation like you , what i have done to overcome is :

relearn all the music theory, harmony, scale, modes ,rhythms etc..

at the same time study and examine the songs from other that you love, and rebuild those songs with Psycle.
little by little i would make songs again .

don't know if it works for you.

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1 - Take that old psy file you couldn't finish 5 years ago and try again. It's incredible how we improve our skills in a short period of time, and this gets obvious when we look at old projects.


2 - Try some colabs. I'm sure there's some users that would be happy in share their unfinished projects.

Myspace | Soundcloud

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