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-psycledelics- Discussions MAIN BOARD How to install VST plug-ins/machines?
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  How to install VST plug-ins/machines?        Go on top to this Page

Searched but could not find: How to install VST plug-ins.

I know that "Config/Settings/Directories/VST Directories and Bridging/" must be pointed to the correct folder but I tried that and it doesn't help.

My install had only one VST folder named "VSTPlugins64" but I am using 32bit Win7.

Does the VST folder need a specific name? I have tried creating new folders and renaming them but this did not fix.

What specific VST file extension does Psycle look for?

I extracted these plugins to the VST folder, highlighted the "VST2 Plug-ins" icon and clicked "check for new plugins" but nothing is found. Tried a few others without success.

I found a thread here on this board that said move only one plugin to the folder at a time but that did not help either.

Sorry I'm stumped. This seems to have been skipped over in the manual. TIA

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A vst plugin is a .dll file. They can be installed anywhere (mine are in Program Files/VST Plugins) Once you have them extracted or installed, as is the case for the ones you want to use, you should make sure Psycle is pointed at the directory and hit the scan for new box.

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