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  VST Problem re can't find dahaupt modules        Go on top to this Page

Hello All,
I'm new to Psycle & the whole idea of making music on my computer. I'm totally loving it but I have a problem. About 1 in 3 VST's that I attempt to use cause Psycle to fail when I attempt to detect new plugins becaused they can't find module: ...
There are stacks of them.
How do I find the missing modules & where do they go.
Many seem to be from dahaupt but the website for them seems to provide .sem files & I don't know where they go.
Hoping someone can help me out here

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SEM files seem to be plugins for SynthEdit, which in turn is a program to make VST plugins:

I can't help much about this. I downloaded a plugin that uses some of those files, and couldn't make it work either.
It seems it requires synthedit to be installed, and then, those files go into a subdirectory of synthedit itself.

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I had some probs with vst's when first used psycle as well. Load each vst one or two at a time, be sure and bring all the files as many vst have 4 or four support files. Load each one ,and try it out then get more. I just put the vst I plan on using for one song in the vst folder. Works well for me. If you have trouble with a specific vst you really want to use, download it again and then transfer all the folder contents to psycle vst folder.

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