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-psycledelics- Discussions OFF TOPIC Calling the Ford Taurus, Golf II and that..
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Berlin, Germany
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  Calling the Ford Taurus, Golf II and that..        Go on top to this Page

... the oldtimers!!!

guys stop hiding! i know u still stick around here!

Can just speak for me and mebbe 2-3 other peeps.
Gerwin, TAo and all the former idols here, where ya at?
Login and post a "blah".. i know you guys are still around.

Stop being shy... go go ...

theres more..

sampler (haha, msn is too easy mate )

k.. some1 continue list!
now get yer asses on already!



i appear, just to disappear again...

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Haha, I randomly decided to login here again (I'm guessing it's been a few months (years?) or so...)...

I'm afraid I don't use Psycle anymore...FL Studio and REAPER are my DAWs now (automation and workflow is just so much easier for me). However, Psycle got me into making electronic music so I'm grateful to JAZ (and others) for all the hard work.


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