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-psycledelics- Discussions TIPS BOARD newbie Q: how do you record more than one note at a time?
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  newbie Q: how do you record more than one note at a time?        Go on top to this Page

I've got a keyboard hooked up to the computer and it works well inputting the keys but when I hit the playback button in the pattern editor, it doesn't play chords. I also tried it with the windows keyboard and still does it. what am I missing?

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I do not use any special keyboard, only the computer`s one. First I click on the red button of record at the top of the tracks, the button that is with the yellow one of mute and the green of solo. If you want a three note chord then you should click the record button in three tracks. The next step is hitting the space bar or the red button of record up and left (below the word performance). Next, go to the machine view and open the synth or sampler you want to play. Now, keeping the machine open go to the pattern view. Hit the play button and start to use the computer keyboard as a real one, in real time. If you hit the keys together, the notes will sound in more or less the same time. You can do the same with fx, and record the tweaks in any empty track, in real time.
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Hope this helps, regards

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for recording you don't need the synth open as you play, and you will probably want to turn on the "record note off's" If you are just sequencing notes you simply need to insert them next to each other and don't need to worry about arming tracks for recording and all of that stuff.

Also, be aware that some synths are mono by nature and can only play one note at a time (none of the defult ones are like this though)

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