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  What's new in 1.8.6        Go on top to this Page

Just because it's cool, here's the list of new things in 1.8.6 / copied from Docs/whatsnew.txt :-)

Thanks devs!


Fixed psy loader (songs made with the previous version were showing an error on loading)
Fixed native plugins not showing the description of their parameters in the parameters window.

(post 7502)
* New implementation of the power spectrum in the wire dialog. (Nicer, more precise)
! Fixes for VST openFileSElector : wrong filter and problems with the return value
! Prevent application crash if VST crashes on saving
! Fixes on loading native plugins with new (psy-core) name format
! Fixes on loading psy files of newer versions of psycle with minor changes.

(rev 7502)
+ Export to .XM (Only exports the pattern and samples. It is not a "render as .XM" option).
+ More note keys to configure ( 4 full octaves now).
+ Export to .wav using float precision.
* Allow command mute to generators.
! XMSampler improvements: correct panning, UI fixes, source code changes. (Around 60% complete now)
! Fixes on .XM import for pattern loop and global volume.
! Fix undo when the sequence is full.
! Fix for sort when the sequence is full.
! Other smaller fixes and changes (universalis, and things related to native plugins)

(rev 6924)
+ Lock sample to a machine (Allows to set a sample to play always from the same machine).
+ Export to wave directory configuration
! fixes to Mixer machine (Works with VST, can get rewired now)
! Smaller fixes to VSThost.
! Fix a selection problem with ASIO driver.

__________________ |

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Ali Bla Bla

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  Step by step...        Go on top to this Page

I just asked to myself what do the SSE and the SSe2?
I know there is a link with a hardware but what else?

Just a report bug (?) about the vst scan list.
i had loosed more than one time my list of VST. Had to rescan all my vst...maybe i had pushed the software to much! (800,VST!)

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Psycle Developer

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Balaguer (Spain)
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SSE and SSE2 are two sets of instructions ( SSE2 being newer than SSE) for the processors.

Processors since the P4 have had SSE2 so you can consider the SSE build for "legacy machines".

About the problem with VST's, the limit of plugins (including natives) is 2048, so you are still halfway through the capabilities.

It is strange that the list is lost. This happens on two cases:
- That the modification date for that .dll has changed (Psycle then removes the entry and you could use "check for new plugins" to add the changed entries instead of having to rebuild the whole list).
- That a new scan is not finished, so the file is not written to disk.
Oh, well, there's a third case... that the cache is somehow an old version (but this shouldn't be happening, since at version 1.8.5 we changed the place of the file and in 1.8.6 the version hasn't changed)

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;ĚD

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Ali Bla Bla

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  What it can be?        Go on top to this Page

Let me see.

It can't be the VST update because i never had problems with it.

It is also not an unfinish scan because it always restart automatically when i reopen the software.

And i have the 1,8,5 version.


Maybe someone who was able to act on my HD for to try to find my secret plans and to use them for to destroy the world but he was unable to find it so he destroy the VST list because he was mad!

Or it is the cleaner software that i use because it is never when i use Psycle that this think happen but when i restart Windows.

I don't see other logical reasons!

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