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  help combining psycle songs (sorry mods, wrong board)        Go on top to this Page

I'm not sure whether this question has been answered. I tried to do a search on this forum, but can't really find the answer.

I've been using psycle for quite a while now. But all this while I've been using it alone. Yesterday, a good friend of mine took up 'psycling'.

My question is:

Is there any special technique/steps that I need to follow in order to combine songs.? I can't open 2 Psycle simultaneously so copy/paste is a bit of a pain. Plus the instruments won't be copied together.

Hope one of you psyclers can help me out. Cheers..

p/s: Sorry mods.. I posted at the wrong board.

Moderation: Deleted you other thread

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Currently there is no easy way to do that.

There are several things that help but more tricky than you would expect (copy&paste doesn't use windows clipboard. It's internal memory).

Ways to copy data:
Export the presets of machines (Parameters, open preset dialog)
Export single patterns (File - Save, and select as type psycle pattern)
Export wavs (it does not export instrument data: Save button previous to the wave Ed one)

With the new Psycle engine it may be possible to implement easier ways, but I don't have a schedule for that right now (Concretely, it is able to load more than one song)

(Ps. It is possible to open two Psycle Instances, see Settings-Configuration-Keyboard an Misc Tab).

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;ĚD

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thanks man

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