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-psycledelics- Discussions TIPS BOARD How to make loopable audio files
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  How to make loopable audio files        Go on top to this Page

I was just wondering how to make loopable audio files (.wav or .mp3) that don't have a noticeable loop point. My music sounds fine looping in Psycle, but once I export it doesn't work well anymore.

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I had the same problem, your best bet is if you are putting the loops together in something like acid studio or cool edit then u should make the tracks dry(no delay, reverb etc.) in psycle render the wav and then add the effects in your other program. Or you can possibly do what i did make a full song and then render each instrument on its own by soloing each on and rendering multiple wav files.

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duplicate the pattern (render twice the length), and put the loop start point in the middle (just watch there are no free lfos or such non-deterministic things going around). or if you have to loop the whole clip, just cut the first half off.

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Polystyrene Man

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It also helps for you to bring up the Instrument Editor and check the box that says "Play sample to fit..." and enter the appropriate number of pattern rows.

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