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I would like you to hear a sample of something I put together, its short, I made it from nothing but Psycle itself and my imagination .
But I'm not really sure if I think this is quite "good" or what this might sound like to others, so go ahead criticize, comment, and or give me some tip(s). Anything that would help would be nice.

P.S. some day, I would like to incorporate vocals into my music, maybe.

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You've got a good start here!

You could make it longer by expanding the beat as the songs goes on with some dance hi hats and such... And expand on the music theme in that progression.

Also try to add some stereo to one or more of your instruments.

Probably the bass kick is too much bass (i'm hearing this on headphones but can imagine on my stereo it would likely drown out the rest of your music.


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Yeah I'd agree, more stereo spread is the main thing ( something I'm often guilty of myself... can never be bothered for some reason, need to work on that )

The kick drum is very distorted, but that's a sound I really like so no complaints there . But I'm on headphones too so as Directionless says it might cause trouble elsewhere.

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