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A simple question.        Go on top to this Page

Hello, I just got this and it's really fun and all that, but I've been trying my best to just get a machine to fade out. I've tried connecting it to the Volume effect machine, and recording tweaking the volume from 1.000 to 0, but it doesn't record at the specific point, it just stays at zero.

The machine in question is Sublime (preset is Elec- Guitar).

Thank you for any help.

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I can't understand exactly what you did, so I'll explain how I would do it, to see if that helps you:

There are two ways to fadeout the sound of a specific machine (or three, if the machine has a volume command):

1) Letting the machine to fadeout when noteoff:

Most synths use volume envelopes, defined by the ADSR values. In sublime: "VCA Attack", "VCA Decay" , "VCA Sustain" and "VCA Release".

- Attack and decay define the punch. longer attack and the sound softly increases. short attack and the sound reacts inmediately.
- Decay is a fadeout to the sustan value. If sustain is 0, then decay defines the duration (plus attack) of the sound.

Now, the important ones for the current subject:
- Sustain is a volume value at which the sound stays until noteoff is sent.
- Release is the time it takes since it receices a noteoff until the volume is zero (and note stopped).
In that preset you mention, sustain is 100% (so plays at full volume). Then, if I set release to 1400ms, and put an off note in the pattern, it starts a soft fadeout.
If you don't want all notes to have a long fadeout, you can tweak the release value and set to short fadeout or long fadeout depending on what you need. I've used this on one song.

(Note: sublime has also a VCA - length parameter. it is the time at which it does automatically a noteoff)

2) Fadeout via tweaking.
2.1) tweaking the wire volume.

The global command FCxx allows one to tweak the output volumes of the wires (as well as the master volume).

If the machine is the number 05, and the wire to tweak is the 02 (wire number appears in the titlebar of the wire dialog), i would do this:

--- 02 05 FC80 (next line) --- 02 05 FC70 (next line) --- 02 05 FC60 ... and so on.

This has some limitations, but it's handy when you simply want to make variations on the volumes.

2.2) tweaking any of the gain plugins ( ayeternal gainer, guido volume, ....)

Putting one of these machine inbetween the generator and the next effect/master, and then tweaking the parameter can allow us to automate the volume.

twk 00 41 8000 ( next line ) twk 00 41 7000 ... and so on.

2.3) tweaking the machine's volume.

In this case, sublime has a volume parameter, It is the AMP level ( num 39 hex)

so i would do: twk 39 00 0080 (next line) twk 39 00 0070 (next line) twk 39 00 0060 ... and so on.

3) Using the machine command for volume.

Some machines accept the 0Cxx command to change the output volume.(About- command help).

In this case, sublime does support it, and we would tweak it like this:

--- .. 00 0CFF (next line) --- .. 00 0CCF (next line) --- .. 00 0CAF ... and so on.

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;ĚD

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Yep! I stick with 2.2!

I always have an "ayeternal gainer" instance in series with my samplers. It's very simple to have a fade in/out tweak, but remember you need to do it at a separate track (in my case, I use the track imediately at right of the audio track)

For a smooth transition, I prefeer TWS than TWK.

AND REMEMBER: you always can use the "interpolate effect", in order to get perfect fades. When I discovered this feature, my life changed, seriously!

I can't explain it because my english sucks. However, it's very clear at the Psycle Help file, available at this site.


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I got it down via version 2.3

Thank you a lot.

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