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-psycledelics- » Discussions » TIPS BOARD » windows volume - high or low?
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  windows volume - high or low?        Go on top to this Page

hey all, i am wondering where to set the windows volume when i work with psycle. i'm generally confused about all the volumes, and where they should be at, but i'll start with the windows one... if anyone has any advice, it'd be much appreciated thanks

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The windows volume in itself is not important, the important is the Psycle volume, it the only one that you can be sure is true for everything.

The sound is coming first from Psycle, so as long as you know you initial sound is powerful enough, the rest is user dependant.

For example you could listen music with headphone directly plug into the computer, so it's probable your Windows volume will be lower that someone controling is volume from speaker plug into the computer.

So, in Psycle, you want to have sounds that played together will have enough impact to fulfill the audio spectrum, without any distortion .

You can see it in Psycle with the 2 volume meter that are shown in the task bar. When they reach the far right, it produce a distortion, lighting up the blank square just right to them.

So you want to be sure there is no distortion, but in the same time the audio is enough powerful. I don't know where is the sweet spot, but i think if you can keep the average sound near the second bar from right, your doing well.

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Yeah, that's an old doubt about those volume faders.

I never know where to put the "global volume setting" (at Psycle task bar). In truth, I found it very nonsense, because it lacks that "sweet spot". I'd rather prefeer it to be like Sony Acid, because there's a 0db level, so we could use it as a reference.

But I must admit that it was a great add to Psycle itself, in order to find critical points in the mix. It will be nice if, in the next versions, it has a simple "Db rule".

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While I'm working on a track, I usually put a limiter (e.g. Classic Master Limiter by Kjaerjaus) just before the master, so that my volumes don't go over 0db. When I'm doing a final mixdown, I put a compressor before that and set all the levels probably so that there is no excess compression.

A handy thing to use as well is the checkbox in the master mixer, that reduces the volume automatically when the master volume goes over 0db.


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