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-psycledelics- Discussions TIPS BOARD How to create 80s sound
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How to create 80s sound        Go on top to this Page

I'm trying to make a new song, which will be related to the 80's. Which kind of effect and machine do i have to use to create this sound. I tried a lot of things, but i can't find it...If someone has a suggestion, please let me know!

Thank you


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Well, it's hard to suggest something if you don't give us more details

Can you post up some clips of what you mean? Then we might be able to suggest how to reproduce them or something similar.

I have heard some 80s-ish sounds come out of Blitz (the native plugin), but chances are you can probably produce the sounds you want with most synths that are about.


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  sample sound        Go on top to this Page


I'm making a song, which honors Michael Jackson. So i want to create a sound like his music: here are a few samples:
dirty diana:
Smooth criminal:

This is the direction i'm looking for

Thanks a lot

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if you are looking for 80's sound you can reproduce them in a very simple way with many VSTs,for example check out some FM synth from native instrument,FM7 is really good or some arturia ones:minimoog or CS-80V or arp 2600V...there are many more you should search on KVR for more details!
check out also some fx for making your song more 80 than ever,with some voxengo fx for example the analogflux series could be good for reproduce the old tape FXs,even if i've never tried them,they should be nice because of the good voxengo label!
and of course you can also try to make some nice 80's sounds out of native machines,someones sounds very jarrish...

have a nice day!!


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for 80s synth sounds - Synth1 and PolyIblit would do nicely. Then just get some reverbs and delays (Ambience, Classic Series, GlaceVerb). For drums there are so many free samples of 80s electric drum kits. Copius reverb on the snare drum is important for 80s sound. also very sharp, snappy snares, usually layered with a clap sample. a lot of 80s drums use an acoustic kit supplemented with electronic kicks and snares, and maybe an electronic hi-hat....
for MJ style basses - FM synthesis is the way to go. Try Odo's Purple 2.
Youll also want an electric guitar. Get the free ultimate guitat kit soundfont and run it through FreeAmp 2.
Vocals should be very bright, some sparkly reverb, and use harmonies to accentuate key phrases.
thro in some strings (try Rolands free soundfonts) and some brass if you want, or perhaps a smooth organ (nubile, AZR3 might do the trick).

And your set

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