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-psycledelics- » Discussions » PSY TUNES BOARD » COMPO#8-reviews/comments
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thank you a lot Dragon Unhearted, Frog and Rolemusic for your comments Dragon Unhearted and rolemusic, you really did a great job!


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Rolemusic wrote:

outsider -fer
Some nices melodies inside, imho i think this kind of chords needs a bass otherway the sound is too treble

yes, i totally agree. i originally had in mind adding a fretless bass.. but never did and the time ran out. too late for the compo but not for the song

thanks for the reviews to you and oursvince. i'm glad some nice words were said about this song!

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Original by oursvince
thank you a lot Dragon Unhearted, Frog and Rolemusic for your comments Dragon Unhearted and rolemusic, you really did a great job!


I would have gone into more detail on my comments, but until I learn Psycle a bit more, I didn't feel right on getting too in-depth of each I just thought that I would mention the songs that I found to be 'polished'....I also enjoy all the feedback on my song, be it negative or positive, so that I can grow as a composer, and, in the future be more creative in my reviews too

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Here are my reviews for the compo tunes, in alphabetical order. I'm sorry they're so short, but I'm really busy at the moment and don't have time to give really in-depth feedback/reviews :S

I've also given ratings out of 10:

C = Composition - melody, harmonies, whether all the elements work well together etc.
P = Production - quality of mixdown etc.
S = Structure - whether it kept me interested, too long or too short etc.
O = Overall - NOT an average, just my overall feel about the track.

12AtÜ - MaikäferAhoi

This one has a little bit of an older feel to it. The melodies didn't impress me too much (although they're not terrible). The acid-y bits in the middle are nice. The synths could've done with a bit of EQing as well. Not a bad effort overall.

C: 7, P: 6, S: 6, O: 6

Alk - Eep
A nice, short and simple tune. I think you could've developed the theme a little more - I wanted to hear more! This is a good little tune to listen to when you come home exhausted and just want to listen to somethine cheerful . Overall, a good blend of chip and less-chip stuff.

C: 9, P: 8.5, S: 8, O: 9

Ampul - Dot2

I agree with Role, the harmonies in this need some work - good ideas though.

C: 6.5, P: 7, S: 6, O: 6.5

Dragon Unearthed - The Lightning Brought Darkness

There's some interesting ideas in this track but I don't think they're particularly well executed. I think you could've put a bit more work into giving the synths a real spooky atmosphere (some heavier delays, reverb). The piano could've done with some delay as well, imo. Synths aren't too bad, but they could do with some tweaking to make them all fit together a bit better. You could've made the transition between the heavy metal bit and the piano at the end a bit better - either more shocking, or more gradual. I don't think it works at the moment - it sounds a bit odd. Overall, not a bad effort.

C: 6.5, P: 6, S: 7, O: 6

Druttis - Wailing Times
That first synth is great - I like the idea behind it. The whole tune has a really nice "old school' demo/psycle compo feel. The distorted solo is a bit cliché, but in a good way . I think you could've done a bit of EQing on some of those synths (it's more noticeable once you bring in the solo), but it's not a major issue. Overall, has a lovely nostalgic feel to it.

C: 9, P: 7, S: 9, O: 8

Dw - e^(ipi)+1
Lovely simple melody - I like the switch between 6/8 and 3/4 time. This one also should be a longer tune with some added variation, but it's still nice as it is. The mix is a little bit muddy, but has a nice warm feel to it so you get away with it ok hehe. Also, have you actually used that number somewhere in the tune? Overall, nice simple, happy tune.

C: 9, P: 7.5, S: 8, O: 8

KarlKox - Melancholics Bells

I really like the ideas in this one - my only major problem with the track is how crowded the mix gets towards the end. I think there's a bit of distortion in there as well from interfering frequencies, so a bit of EQing is probably in order. I would've liked to have seen you develop the theme some more, but overall, a nice little track

C: 8.5, P: 8, S: 8, O: 8

Lakser_u - Revision
Starts off with some cheesy effects, with reasonable synth combo (although the pad needs some EQing, it floods the mix a little bit). I think the main melody is a bit short for the amount of time that you repeat it - it's going for pretty much the whole track and it gets a bit old and tired by the end of it. Your harmonies etc work nicely. I would've liked to have heard a bit more variation in your percussion as well, as well as a better kick. Overall, some good ideas in here, but a bit more effort needs to be put into implementing them.

C: 8, P: 6, S: 6, O: 6

MfM - Waiting For a Dream
That intro would be really nice, except that the 'tuned' percussion is a bit out of tune - at first it made me thing the piano was off, but it's actually that lower-pitched drum that comes on the third beat of the bar. I really like the structure of the tune, especially the way you introduce parts of the melody early on - it's a tried and true method but it works really nicely in this case . The only thing that lets this track down is some uneven-ness in levels, the muddiness of the mix at some points (especially when you bring in the choir vocals - maybe try cutting some of the mid frequencies a bit?). Overall, a very nice chillout-type track.

P.S. What happens if you win your own compo?

C: 9, P: 8.5, S: 9.5, O: 9

Oursvince - Bells bells

Quite a nice little track - this one has a bit of a older-style-game-music feel to it. This one is a bit short, though. Nice work overall.

C: 8, P: 8, S: 7.5, O: 7

Oursvince - Forest

This would be much nicer on real instruments, I agree with Rolemusic, there are a few unwanted elements in there. As it stands though, the instruments sound a bit dodgy. You could've done more with the ideas, too, I think - at the moment it's a short little ditty that barely even gets going before it stops hehe.

C: 7, P: 6, S: 7, O: 6

Oursvince - Metaloid
Normally, I don't approve of loops (especially percussion) unless you chop them up and do something interesting with them, and this time is no exception. Also, were you aware that your guitar loop doesn't match up properly and you have a gap there? Leaving the loops aside, the synths you've put over the top of those guitars are a) really loud and b) don't particularly fit the guitar (although they're not terrible or anything!). I would really suggest you think about EQing them, for a start. Overall, the ideas behind the track are quite good, but it's too much of the same for too long.

C: 7, P: 6, S: 6, O: 6.5

Outsider - Fer

Quite a nice little track - but I wanted to hear more! I think you could've done plenty more with it

C: 9, P: 8, S: 8, O: 7

Polite Company - To the Moon Alice
Well, as an odd assortment of blips and clicks, it's not bad. Mightn't be too bad as some kind of background music for something, maybe. Certainly has a bit of an ethereal quality to it.

C: 6.5, P: 8, S: 8, O: 7

Rhino - Combination
I really like the nice mellow intro on this one. The synths in this are quite nice, although I think perhaps a little more melodic variation would've been good (either maybe adding an extra melody or two on top, or just going to a 'verse' section for a bit before returning to the main). I can't say I like the scratching, it goes on for too long imo. I reckon you should just use for the short bit where you've got it by itself, and then take it out again. Overall, a nice chillout/sit-back-and-listen track.

C: 8, P: 8.5, S: 8, O: 8

Rolemusic - Sonaita
As usual, a well produced track from rolemusic . I'm not sure the vocals go so well with guitar, although that's not a major issue. I really like the wah-wah synth. The chip-type synth fit quite right (I suspect it's a matter of some EQing and reverb). Otherwise, there's not much to criticise with this one.

C: 9, P: 9, S: 8, O: 9

Sampler - Under Pressure
Well track starts off making me think you're starting some kind of slower hardstyle or gabba track, but it comes into its own later. I swear a few of those bass notes are out of tune, so that's something to fix. I felt there could've been a better buildup to the nice pizzicatto chords that come in at about 3:05. Overall, there's a lot of really nice ideas in this track, but the production isn't your best, so do some more work on it and finish it properly!

C: 9, P: 7.5, S: 8, O: 8

Scuba - Rotate Anti-Clockwise

Ideas are nice, but the synths aren't that great imo, especially the plucked ones - they let the track down a bit. Melodies are nice enough.

C: 8, P: 6, S: 7.5, O: 7

Sergos - Down
Well, this track starts off a bit of an uninspiring intro, but once you bring in that delayed bell synth, it begins to take off nicely, with some nice little acid-y stabs in there. I think you could've easily worked the ideas a bit more and added in some nice epic-type percussion at the end and maybe another synth (maybe even a guitar solo). I would recommend using a slightly different bass synth - it's a bit too plain imo and detracts from the track a little bit. Overall, a nice little tune.

C: 8, P: 6.5, S: 7, O: 7.5

Spaceturner - Swimming as a Mermaid
The main that that annoys me about this track is continual repetition of that main melody, with very little break, except where you pause and filter it in again. The woosh effect is not bad, although it is a little cheesy . Can't say I'm too impressed with the melody in this track as well, although it would work better if you didn't have it run the whole time and added more variation to the track. Also, I would suggest looking for some better drum samples. Overall, not a bad effort, but plenty of work is still needed to make this a really good track.

C: 5, P: 5, S: 5, O: 5

Voskomo - Snowy Days
I really like that lead synth - this tune is certainly a nice advertisement for your own plugin (Blitz) hehe. There's something not quite right about that piano-ish synth right at the end, but other than that, very nice work

C: 9, P: 8.5, S: 9, O: 8.5

Voskomo and Alk - Psytreisende
I love that intro! Has an awesome feel to it that makes me think "80s!", although I don't really have a right to say that since I haven't heard THAT much 80s music . Again, I love the blend of chiptune stuff with not-so-chiptune stuff. Nice clear mix, too . Overall, another feel-good chiptune blend.

C: 8, P: 9, S: 8, O: 8

Overall, the quality of the compo tunes is definitely improving each time

Good work, everyone!


Last edited by TranceMyriad on 26.05.2006, 14:25 o'clock.

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HERE my reviews!thanks to all for the high amount of reviews this time
come on guys compo needs votes....

KarLKoX-melancholics bells

Since the beginning i understood quite soon the reason of his name….
It starts with a nice atmos,I liked the bells that sounds here and there with an interesting delay effect.That song sounds like a background music with a quite good and involving melodical atmos rich of mysteries.
I also liked the fact that I haven’t found any samples there…the drums are tracked with synth1 and the effect is enjoyable,except for the kick drum that is a bit out of place imho,it sounds too dance!
Oh and maybe a little bit of reverb and delay ..on the drums I mean
Anyway I think that the overall sound is nice and interesting,hmm I could give it some points…


Very good beginning,it makes a nice atmosphere.The feeling of this song is really good and the mix is extremely clear and well done,tracked in a good way as usual for Rhino.
I liked the bass sound and the drums they makes an enjoyable rhythm together,and I also enjoyed all the synth sounds very well chosen,nothing to say against that song a really good production.
Oh….and nice scratches,a goodies on the song…so some points to your next-door neighbours too

QUANTINITY aka TRANCEMYRIAD-Last Minute Drum With a Little Bit of Bass

Really good and full of energy at start with a powerfull drum loop and some nice filter fx,as the usual for DNB song.I know it was done in a hurry indeed it sound like an hurry song ,because it needs some variations.
But the overall sound is pretty nice and quite good made and also the melodic context is enjoyable,the main lead is really good I liked his own melody and that glide ….it sounds kinda Trance and also the bass synth is great and really deep.
Well that song is ok imho


Yeah!this one is really really an happy song,it makes me feel so good and it reminds me at some old videogames soundtracks,something like a platform game full of color into a fantasy world…but that was some ages ago,lol!!
I really love the main melody…damn the only thing I dislike is the duration,it is really too short even if is well done and enjoyable.
I hope too see a longer version soon…

DW- e^(i pi) + 1

Damn,as I said for alk that song is short too but well done,sweet melodies but obviously it lacks something in terms of variations of course, really good the triangle synth,I’d like to see a longer version of that song too…

SAMPLER-under pressure

good drum loop at the beginning,nice the progressive arrangements but I found some out of tune notes,for the rest the song is done in a good way,drum are well done I like it and the overall sounds is enjoyable except for that out of tune thing I previously talked about.


I found some very nice things here and there on this one,especially when the piano sounds togheter with the guitar with a pretty nice feeling,but I think this track needs something in terms of construction and arrangements,and also the structure lacks of some variations.
Is not a bad song, but needs improvements to get better…


It starts as an happy chippy kinda track,some really nice effects there but the song needs some variations of course,seems to be the same for 3 minutes.
The base is good surely but I really think that with some other variations it could be a very good song,you are on the good way….

DRUTTIS:wailing times

As usual his own songs seems to be some kind of “druttis plugins promo”,LOL….kidding!!
That is of course a goodies I really respect all the people which can be able to make his own song with his own plugins that’s a cool thing…no doubt!
..I noticed soon that thing and also the fact that is only native made,a very great job,I can say my favourite compo song.
Talking about the song I really liked the melodies and the song structure,all the elements are on the right place,good variations and good feelings.
There are a lot of things I liked on that track,the jarrish feeling was the first thing I noticed when I started the listening and also the work he did on the melodies variations,old school goodies with really good work in terms of musical complexity.
Very well done Druttis!!


Nice piece of classic old school dance music.
Nothing so special in terms of melodies but well done though,the drums are nice and also the synths work is made in a good way,nothing bad on that one but I think it needs something at the same time,maybe some more involving melodies or some variations I don’t know…


oh finally a goa trance track,considering taika is not on the compo(damn!!),indeed that track sound really taikaish.
I really enjoyed this one, some really great variations and the melodies are really good,also the chippy synth seems fits on a song in a nice way.
All that distorted synths sounds really good,the mixing work is very well sone and also the arrangements is done so good…
With no doubts one of my favourite compo song!

OURSVINCE-bells bells

Happy song with old style feelings,reminds me to old amiga modules.
This song has a simple structure and is full of bells synths as the title say,I liked all that bells melodies and I can say that the overall sound is nice but not my cup of tea


Little composition this time,in the beginning seems like a western song because of the guitar that sound like a banjo…I haven’t liked at all the lead synth especially the second one(polyiblit2).i think it sounds a little bit weird into that musical context..


Start as a metal song but I don’t really liked the lead synth again I think it’s out of place,would be better a lead guitar on that context I suppose,my opinion anyway!
That song is full of long samples,I really don’t like that way of working,there is not an hard tracking work that I can comment


Nice kinda ambient song,with piano melodies,I found something strange in that piano melodies…seems to be a bit out of time,and anyway it lacks a good bass,the minimalistic drums could work after all..i’m sure you can improve that song with some work


It sounds like an experimental song or something,I think that drum kick shold be a bit louder and also that octave jump bass.the main guitar seems to be out of tune on some notes here and there.
It also lacks some variations..the melodies is the same almost for all the duration.
The structure however is solid and can work…


Really nice spanish feeling with this one,happy track that leads me to a good mood.
Nice guitar in the beginning and nice lead,and also that chippy one is good.
The percussion work is good and the variations with that timbals are really well done.
The bass is good too but needs some ambient fx,the same for the main guitar they needs a bit of reverb and some delay lines especially for the ending part that seems to be truncated without them.
I found that this song really need some fx here and there something that could improve the overall sound,because it is a really good track,one of the best here. It’s a pity!!
I’ll give some points to you too roly

SPACE TURNER-swimming as a mermaid

Classic piece of dance music,nicely done but I think it lacks something….especially a main lead and some other synths on the background to make the song more various and more interesting.
The song progression is good and well done anyway so I think it needs just some adds to be better..

POLITE COMPANY-To the moon alice

strange piece of music with some weird noise in the beginning,I think it should be a sort of atmos soundtrack,that’s really not the kind of music I usually listen to but it could be an interesting experimental track…

VOSKOMO-snowy days

Well,no snow right now here but I want a bit of snow of course because of the 30C outside
I really enjoyed that song,done with a lot of care and good taste ….the sound is the usual ’80 chippy song in voskomo/alk style,great synths work with blitz.
The lead melody is really good but could be better with some other variations,indeed I think the only thing I dislike is the duration…2 mins are not good ! I want more
Great job anyway

VOSKOMO AND ALK-psytreisende

This song has a really deep ’80 feeling I liked,done as usual with a lot of care for synths and melodies by 4 expert hands .
I really liked all on that song nothing to could be the intro music of an amiga videogames.
Every song made by alk or voskomo reminds me that amiga/c64 world I really love,and thanks to them I can remember sometimes listening to some good old style tracks

DRAGON UNHEARTED-The Lightning Brought Darkness

Dark song a bit sade,with an interesting piano progression seems like an horror song.
Really good the drums and the guitar sound nice too.
I haven’t liked at all something here and there on that song,but is a nice track anyway.


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Firstly, thanks to TranceMyriad for the nice comments, and all the reviewers.
I agree with Trance and MfM, i can do much more with this tune.

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My favourites were "Wailing times" (druttis), "fer" (outsider), and "Snowy days" (voskomo).
"Wailing times" has a good structure, the melody gets developing. "fer" has a nice sound environment, but the melody stays too similar, IMHO. In "Snowy days" the melody varies good, but I missed something altering.
That's shortly.

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