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-psycledelics- » Discussions » PSY TUNES BOARD » Goddess Guerrilla, the album!
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Taika-Kim ist offline
  Goddess Guerrilla, the album!        Go on top to this Page

Ok, the long awaited album is now ready! All tracks are more refined than the versions here on Psycledelics, so it's worth checking out!

I'm performing in Kharkov, Ukraine 11.3. and later this year probably in Belgium & Israel at least, so keep an eye out for these occasions too if you happen to live close to these countries

YES! Thank you for the whole Psycle community for this wonderful software & peoploe!

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TranceMyriad ist offline
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ooh, I'm definitely downloading this. I'll give you some reviews later


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12AtÜ ist offline
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Hey, this is supercool. I listened to vapausvoima (i guess, this was the song) some days ago. I love songs with a melody sooo much. Thank you for this album. -> mhm... iban... klick klick

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Dig! I listened while cleaning my office today (so I got to listen to it as long as I liked, my office is so messy) and I agree, Vapausvoima is my favorite right offhand. While the whole album is not necessarily my cup of tea stylistically, it sounds good, especially that Vapausvoima, and makes me want to get back and do some tracking. (Wish I had time to today!) Keep on with it, and pls let me know when you do more! And when you play in Kharkov, I hope we can see some pics! I will listen again, since my office remains very cluttered, computer parts everywhere ... :-)

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Grenoble, FRANCE
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PhilNelwyn ist offline
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I'm a little late, but "woooaawww !"

It's great ! I love 'Zarjaz beats!'
(By the way, what does 'Zarjaz' mean ?)

Friendly, Phil. :)

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Leganes, Spain
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sampler ist offline
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downloading RIGHT NOW

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

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zilym ist offline
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I'm a little late, but I just wanted to say that this stuff is GREAT!!!

I love the string parts of Vapausvoima. I wish people would use strings more! They are so beautiful. Towards the end, there's also a flute complementing strings, I love that!

Thank you Taika-Kim for this great music.

31.03.2007, 06:43 Profile of zilym Add zilym to your Buddy-List
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