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Thread closed

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Leganes, Spain
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sampler ist offline
  Little enhancements        Go on top to this Page

hehe, first thread!

ok, i think ToDo list should be great enhanced. A good thing would be that we can rate each point.

Another little thing. Can u add song type (.psy, .mp3 or .ogg) to new songs list (the one on the left) ??

That's all by now....

Cya on #psycle

PEACE & Psycling

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

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Berlin, Germany
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The ToDo is just for information. That's why the thread
is closed. No replying, rating etc

And adding songtype in the list is possible. But
i dunno if it is useful. We decided to display only
the name of composer. But when you (all) wanna
see the filetype we can do it.

i will create a new thread with a poll


i appear, just to disappear again...

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alk ist offline
  idea        Go on top to this Page

it might be useful to have the current time according to the site shown maybe at the top (and updated realtime?) so that you can tell how recent posts are

whaddaya think?


26.02.2002, 14:28 Profile of alk Add alk to your Buddy-List
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Thread closed
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