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Eon Blue Apocalypse

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Well... this seems like a really ridiculous question, but I can't run Psycle. I've downloaded the latest release, which is a RAR file. When I try to open it, my computer asks me for what program I want to use to open it; I thought that it was an installer or something. Well anyways, what do I need to get this thing up and running, or am I missing something totally... I'm really clueless. If it matters, I'm running Windows ME (*puke*). Any help is appreciated.

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Get WinRAR, or another archiving program that can handle RAR files... RAR is similar to ZIP, only it isn't natively supported by WinXP. You need to download additional software. It supposedly has better compression than ZIP.

Why the switch to RAR all of a sudden? RAR is less compatible than ZIP, and thus alienates users...

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

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Hehe, this happened to me when some songs I downloaded were in RAR format . It took me about a year until I found WinRAR, then I didn't need TotalCommander anymore to listen to them .

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Hakyoku Seiken

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Switching to a different archive format isn't going to alienate users, i believe. If nothing else, it may get some users who don't have broadband connections access to the files if they split it into, say, 500k chunks or so. Personally speaking, one of the comps i have access to is on a dialup connection AND the phone lines are very dirty, so 14.4 is about the max transfer speed and the phoneline static causes random disconnections.

Maybe if there was instructions on the download page that it requires WinACE or WinRAR to open, it would cut down on the confusion a little. Even better, have a self extracting achive (though sometimes that scares some users to download an something like that...i for one don't like installing stuff. unzipping is my preferred method if possible and it may give the impression that it's an installer)

just my 2 pesos.

Copy and paste this link to hear random audio by me, mostly unfinished:

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