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-psycledelics- » Development » PSYCLE DEVELOPMENT » Bugs and Feature Requests (Updated:07/Sep/2002)
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The Current Todo List (In the works)        Go on top to this Page

If you are going to report a Bug , or give a suggestion , please, read though this post first
If it is not here, please, feel free to open a new thread and report it. Once it is confirmed (and I have time), I will add it in here.

This document will get updated regularly and It can be considered alive. Also, each time a bug is fixed it will be indicated as such in here.

Last uptaded: (See thread's name)

Sampler Machine/Wave Ed

  • bug: portamento to note slides too much. (can anyone test this for me?)
  • feature: just have an checkbox to enable or disable the Amplitude, or the whole synthesis (phongshade)
  • feature: Instruments Support ( *.xi , *.iti. Maybe more)
    * samples mapped by key
    * maybe: samples mapped by velocity?
  • feature: Improve Filter support.
    * twk Control
    * maybe: allow filter cutoff/res mapping to velocity
  • feature: volume slides/arpeggio
  • feature: better way toset loop points. (+ ping-pong loops)
  • feature: Easier way to load Samples.
  • feature: Toolbar for the Wave Editor.
  • Note playback in WaveEd (Problem: Needs a sampler Machine. The wave preview is not adecuated)

GUI (pattern)

  • bug: Select with mouse when playing gives problems
  • feature: FT2 Jumps to the top of a pattern when you move from one to another (Kris)
  • feature: maybe: MultiPattern View (The code is not made in the best way)
  • feature: MORE Keyboard shortcuts
  • feature: Live Parameter change Recording.
  • feature: tws (Tweak Slide) Command to slide the tweak. (asked by _sue_)

GUI (machines)

  • feature: Saving all the missing settings to registry (like follow song, class of plugin..)
  • feature: Clone Machine Button
  • feature: Replace Machine by another.
  • feature: Prevent duplicate names when creating Machines ( FeedMe , FeedMe 2...)
  • feature: Directories in "Add new machine" (Sorting with directories) Remember previous used
  • feature: Internal Fx Gui to Native Gui Conversion (including wiredialog)
    Create a new "universal" MachineFrame class, for all plugins (Needs a few more changes in the class definitions)
  • feature: VST/Native machine Windows : ESC = close (Problem: can't close within the CWnd!!!)
  • feature: VST: support for plugin resize. (Problem: Needs to know the View Class!)
  • feature: VST param highlight when modifying.
    When changing a param with the Graphic VST GUI, select the corresponding param in the list (and update the bar as well). When,which, and to which value can be known using the audioMasterCallback (Problem: Needs to know the View Class!)
  • bug: VST: Changing a parameter, changing to another window, and returning to Psycle causes that parameter to get the old value again (Scrollbar problem. Solution: Update the scrollbar)
  • feature: Option to hide Parameters in VST GUI.
  • feature: Add Presets in a "tab" under Parameters (easy switching/testing)!
  • bug: Crash bug when loading a big .fxb file, problem with deleting, etc... (Rep. by Vibra) Fix:Basically, make ONLY .fxb for VST's.
  • feature: Really good looking new Master Machine.(Graphics under res\MasterMachine)
  • bug: JMDrum is buggy (Crashes sometimes)

Player Engine

  • bug: In some rare cases, when opening a song, psycle produces noise. (See "fly to the moon [non vocal].psy") When opening it, a noise is produced by one machine and passed to the others. The bug doesn't happen when debugging!
  • bug: "MidiInput.cpp(359): warning #68: integer conversion resulted in a change of sign"
  • bug: plugins which make use of the "SaveData" (native) or "SaveChunk" (VST’) can cause a crash if they are missing when you load a song. Won’t get fixed by now. Needs a fileformat change.
  • bug: New Note in Quadrasid does not reinitialize the Envelope. (Bug? This doesn't happen on freebase)
  • bug: DirectSound Output is a bit buggy.Crashes and bad sound reported.
    ->Won’t Fix. Waiting for new code for Psycle 2<-
  • feature: Maybe: New command "twc" which will send a machine command (like note delay, to say a silly one) to the machine indicated by gen, and ___>to_the_channel_indicated_by_"inst"<____! (asked by Pikari)
  • feature: pattern repeat (loop) and song repeat (asked by Vir|us)
  • feature: Note Delay to VST's


  • bug: It doesn't add the machines necessary to play all notes.
  • bug: if you import an XM file and save, the finetune of the samples is not saved (Fileformat limitation)
  • feature: Add option for the user to create samplers for instruments
  • feature: IT importing

Current Design Goals For PsyClean

Editing Capabilities

  • Multi pattern Sequencing
  • Multiple Editors (Maybe, not sure)
  • Parameter Automation ( Envelopes for Parameters )
  • Velocity/Panning/other_weird column to pattern data
  • Appregiator: One "template" note, notes "produced" by the appregiator in a different colour.
  • "zip"-able columns.
  • Tracker track? (for bpm, global volume...)
  • ? Notes of current selected machine marked with a different colour
  • ? Maybe notes/etc, of muted machines shown in grey
  • ? Time signatures


  • Multiple Inputs/Outputs
  • MIDI generator - instead of generating audio, generates MIDI out - sync could be an issue.
  • Sequencers: Posibility to control more than one machine at the same time
  • Compressor/limiter
  • Flanger/Chorus


  • ASIO driver I/O
  • audio record support (Like, from microphone)
  • MIDI Controlling <-> Machine <-> Machine Interface = MIDI mapping (allow to map midi commands to change different parameters)

  • Ogg/Winamp Plugin export?

Important Posts Related to features

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