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-psycledelics- Discussions TIPS BOARD Possible screwy sync in SupaTrigga VST
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Possible screwy sync in SupaTrigga VST        Go on top to this Page

Supa trigga is a sort of slicing/dicing 'thing' of a VST contraption that I've been totally in love with on other platforms (specifically audiomulch). However, it seems to sorta do nothing in psycle. Signal path is there, knobs all turn and spin but no action.

Im of the suspicion that perhaps psycle isnt supplying enough timing information. Could one of the psycle devs have a look at this. I'm miffed as to how to get it working.

It'll be a damn popular plugin, it sort of magically turns 'boring beats' into 'really damn interesting' beats. Squarepusher in a plugin , so to speak.

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Hakyoku Seiken

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SupaTrigga is awesome...I wish they'd develop it further to allow midi triggers...i.e. look forward and slice into pieces as it does now, but you can trigger from what point it plays at with a midi device on the fly, so you have controll over exactly how it sounds...I've used it before and it kind of sucks when it does something REALLY cool, but since you're using it in live play back, then next time you listen to it, it does something completely different, even though the knobs were tweaked in exactly the same way.

However, I think bufferoverride is more of a squarepusher tool...

Copy and paste this link to hear random audio by me, mostly unfinished:

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