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-psycledelics- Discussions MAIN BOARD MIDI/HEX Values, math music, questions galore...
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  MIDI/HEX Values, math music, questions galore...        Go on top to this Page

Okay. So I got a couple questions for you... ones' tech, though about MIDI and HEX, and the other about music compisition. I figured this was the best part of the board to post about it... if not, sorry! Any help is appreciated. Links, ideas, and explanations... it's all wanted.

Lately I've become interested in working in mathematical equations in to music, as well as "nature" numbers, like phi and stuff. I havne't really figured how exactly I'm going to go about doing this, cause, well I've just decided upon this a few hours ago. Maybe this topic belongs on a math board. There's going to be more to it than what I'm posting here, and quite simply, any suggestions on how to work equations and numbers in would be greatly appreciated.

However, I did come across a neat little program that converts ratios in to notes with pitch bend values. For example...

1/1, 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, 13/8, 21/13, 34/21, 55/34, 89/55, 144/89, and 233/144

: becomes :

Step - Cents - Note - PBend - Ratio
00 0 0 0 1:1 unison
01 - 1200 - 12 - 0 - 2:1 - octave
02 - 702 - 7 - 1 - 3:2 - perfect fifth
03 - 884 - 8 - 54 - 5:3 - major sixth
04 - 814 - 8 - 9 - 8:5 - minor sixth
05 - 841 - 8 - 26 - 13:8 - tridecimal neutral sixth
06 - 830 - 8 - 19 - 21:13
07 - 834 - 8 - 22 - 34:21
08 - 833 - 8 - 21 - 55:34
09 - 833 - 8 - 21 - 89:55
10 - 833 - 8 - 21 - 144:89
11 - 833 - 8 - 21 - 233:144

It's hard to say how it decides what the "root" note is or whatever... Step is note, so this is a 12 note octave listed above... though there isn't much change after step 8, because of the way this Fibonacci sequence progresses. I'm quite sure the Cents and PBend values are listed in MIDI syntax, in which case, how does that convert over to HEX (since I use VST instruments in Psycle)? Would it even matter, because different instruments may cause different levels of pitch bend for the same values? Or would that go against the VSTi specifications?

Does anyone know of any VST instruments that allow you to alter cents and pitch bend, and also give you a number to work with instead of just a lone slider or dial?

Okay... but I'm thinking that maybe I should be looking less at notes, and more at frequencies of tones... in which case, I need something that can analyze a tone, and allow me to alter it to a specific frequency. Something like that would be alittle more straight-forwad in how math could be applied to the so-called melodies...

I'm also thinking that time should come in to play here... so does anyone know exactly how long a single tick in Psycle is at a specific tempo, and what it rate it changes with an increasing or descreasing tempo? Ie: 5 ticks = 1 second at a tempo of 120, 5 ticks = 1.0023 seconds at a tempo of 121.

I happen to also think I may be going about this the wrong way. It's very hard to find any straight-forward documentation about this thing on the net, most of it just leads to bio-music and the like.

If anyone would like to give me any ideas or any explanations, has links to any articles of the like, or links to related software, or has an any suggestions... please don't hesitate! People already do this kind of thing, and I want to know how! Did I just miss a music theory class on this, or what?

Thanks in advance!

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There you will find a plugin that can tune in cents.

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