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-psycledelics-DevelopmentPSYCLE DEVELOPMENT ╗ Psycle Status, December 2003
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Psycle Developer

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  Psycle Status, December 2003        Go on top to this Page

Hi once more.

Here are the latest news about development:

As some of you might have seen, there's some work being done lately (actually.. since just a few days). You can see a preliminarly -EDIT:screenshot updated-screenshot here (It is still uncomplete).

That's the multipattern sequencer. It is inspired in the old sequencer that Psycle had in the alpha versions (before it was replaced by the tracker-style one).
The screen will be mostly graphical (showing the pattern length, allowing drag&drop...) and I will try to make it as easy to use as I can.

The code to allow the playback of multiple patterns is almost done aswell (Kile made it). It just needs to be inserted into Psycle, replacing the old one, and modify the loader and saver.

Also, there are some small changes done internally, and many more should come in for the release of 1.7.5.

I have to apologize for this delay (as I said that by this time it could be out ), but I have had personal problems which made it difficult for me to work on it. With this, and hoping that I don't have more problems, we could expect the release to be out in february.

About Psycle 2, Psyclean, Psycore and all that, we are taking decisions, which should have some fruits in a short time. It is our intention to make it portable (at least windows and linux), and redesigning some of the concepts, to refresh it and make it more powerful.

- Josep Ma [JAZ]

<[JAZ]> Pa pi pa pa pa pi pa.... ;ĚD

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