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kermit the toad

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  Tweaking killed my sound!        Go on top to this Page

I've never really used tweaking until now because I realized, "The only way to get the effect I want is to tweak, time to read the doc." I had written a track for one played fine. At the end of the track I wanted it to fade to zero volume, I inserted the appropriate tweaks. The problem is that that track no longer has sound until it hits the first tweak.

Pretend this is the track:

C-4 00 00 ....
--- -- -- ....
--- -- -- ....
D-4 00 00 ....
--- -- -- ....
--- -- -- ....
D-5 00 00 ....
twk 0B 00 C992
twk 0B 00 BB2C
twk 0B 00 ACC6

And so on until the volume value = 0000

What I mean when I say there is no sound until the first tweak is that, in the example above, the first three notes would not play. Once the line that is "twk 0B 00 C992" hits, then it will play a note and fade out...

How do I correct this so that the notes before the tweak play at "normal" volume (in this case the desired value for volume until the point where it starts to fade out is C992)? I tried insterting a tweak at the very start of the track with volume set to the desired value but it had no effect.

EDIT: Nevermind, I've fixed the problem.

Sounds influenced by trance, ambient, hip hop, punk, digital hardcore and all things experimental.

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