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-psycledelics- Resources FREE VST & VSTI farbrausch V2 synthesizer
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The Netherlands
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  farbrausch V2 synthesizer        Go on top to this Page

The famous farbrausch synth is finally released! Well, it has been for a while now but I just couldn't get it to work in Psycle 1.7.6.x stable. So just today I tried out the latest alpha, seems to work brilliantly. (Well, at least Psycle doesn't crash on load, I have yet to get a tune out of it... )
So for those that might want to try their hand at the (in-)famous synthesizer (with the built in speech synth!) download the free VSTi plugin from:

Haze's Hideout - Jazz Jackrabbit information more daily than the Daily Carrot
Haze @ Furnation - art of a slightly off-beat Neurotypical

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Oldenburg, Germany
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Looks great . Maybe it'll come to some use once I finally start another track .

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it seems to be a good plugin with a nice sound


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Leganes, Spain
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Can u load the presets? i have problems with them, the sound is always the same.

Am i going to be the same next year???? Will i use Psycle next years?? :rolleyes:

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To change the preset you have to send a midi control change to the VSTi.

it works fine in psycle with the mcm command
mcm C midichan - machine number - preset number - 00

The preset changing and multitimbral thing is described in the readme.txt of the Farbraush VSTi :-)

But i don't have found a way for naming my own preset on this synth. I writed to the dev but i have no answer yet.

Last edited by nolwenn on 24.06.2005, 02:08 o'clock.

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