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-psycledelics- Discussions COMPOS [Idea]: The great, The good, The ugly
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  [Idea]: The great, The good, The ugly        Go on top to this Page

Title says it.

Im pretty sure, each and every1 around here has tracks fitting in either category.

This one sould be HIGHLY subjective for you. You pick one track of either category.

1 Track where you thing it is the "best" you have ever done.
1 Track you think its a "good" one.
1 Track you think "Noes! not for public!"

It would have 3 threads for each category. All should have a vote option (and maintained at least daily to add new submissions, or a lifetime of a week for subs before they get locked to open a vote and re-opened)

Every track would be allowed. Be it 10 years ago, or just smashed together yesterday.( Obvious fake tracks with randomly letting running your cat over the keyboard or alike would be disqualified. Prolly an admins decision in those cases.)


Winner (best): Gets a custom forum title of his choice. Just gotta be safe for work
2nd place (good): Gets an angry title to winners title
3rd place (ugly): Gets the fame being 3rd on the vote.

title proposal:

"The best" : Best Track 2013
"The good": Best 2012, i missed 2013
"The ugly" : I won a title!!

Just a rough idea for now, details are surely up for discussion.

Who's up for it?


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