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Psy songs
Songs in Psycle's format

you're in the songs download section

you can get from here tunes in original .psy format, and mp3s & oggs made with PSYCLE

  to submit a song here, use the button below to add your tune to the list.

  make sure, that you're logged in before you try post a new tune. otherwise, the button will not appear !

if you use XMPlay (highly recommended .xm, .it, .mod, .mp3, .ogg etc... player), Apollo (excellent too) or Winamp, you can listen to .psy songs after installing the in_psycle.dll plugin (here)

XMPlay, Apollo, QCD, FreeAmp, Sonique or Winamp, all read .ogg files perfectly

if you don't know what Ogg Vorbis and an .ogg files are, please take a look here


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