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songs Psy songs - Tracking and dancing oldstyle

Name Tracking and dancing oldstyle
Description This is the second Sampulse example song made for the upcoming release of Psycle 1.12, of which one of the main new features is this finished classic-tracker-style sampler machine.

The song is made only with samples, using multisample instruments (ok, not in the multi-octave sense), and as for effects it only uses the send-return mixer, gverb and crossdelay, to help on the stereo imaging side, which classic mods tended to miss.
Said that, the wide effect is strictly an EDX (note delay) effect coupled with top left/right panning (It sounds better than the "surround" option).
It uses volume and filter envelopes, sample panning, looped samples, as well as filter, pitch slides and channel volume commands.

The samples are all from old 90´s mods (That´s why some of them are noisy). There has been an attempt to tune correctly all them so that the notes correspond to standard tuning. A similar effort to set an appropiate gain for all them is also done. Loop points and DC offset where fixed where applicable.

The mixing is done without compression, and trying to keep the dynamics. As such, it is possible that it will not sound loud enough with your default volume levels.

The end is open (i.e. it is not finished), and so it´s open for remixes. There are also some unused samples included, which during the creation of the song didn´t mix well with each other.
Composer [JAZ]
Added: 25.05.2014, 01:57 Last Download 12.07.2024, 20:17
Number of Downloads 2784

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