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songs » Mp3 or other formats » - Wizard of os

Name Wizard of os
Description Prodigious, SuperWave P8,
PolyIblit, Phantom,Artemis and Drumatic 3.

On this one, i wanted to do something different of my Electronic rock psychédelic.

Everybody have his top of this or that and for the category Pop techno, my best of the best for underground musicians is first a Necro´s composition
on Modplug ´´Music for undead´´ and the second one is in the Psycle database and it is
Positive Discrimination by Metanol (23.08.2003).

(it is a subjective choice)

Hard to beat this but...This is my Techno Pop

Note: For the Tangerine Dream fans, you will
recorgnize this typical sound at the beginning.

About the title, the things that reason don´t understand
is from the land of the magicians and you have a lot of them in your computer!


Composer Ali Bla Bla
Added: 25.02.2010, 06:05 Last Download 29.01.2023, 06:16
Number of Downloads 1587

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