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songs Mp3 or other formats - ICEBABY

Description Melodic trance


Synth1, GlaceVerb, mda overdrive, mda stereo, ModernExciter, ModernEqualizer, mda dynamics, GEQ31V

Lead Trance String:
Synth1, GEQ31V, mda overdrive, mda dynamics, GuidoVolume, GEQ31V, GlaceVerb

Fade-in Noise Effect:
Synth1, GEQ31V, GlaceVerb

Grand Piano:
Ugaret (Prova), ModernChannel, mda delay

Sad String:
Synth1, GEQ31V, GlaceVerb


GEQ31V, mda dynamics, s(M)exoscope

Normalization, mp3 Export:
Audacity, lame



Psycledelics - Psycle Modular Music Creation Studio

Synth1 - vst synth by Daichi

Ugaret (Prova)- vst rompler by Safwan Matni

ModernChannel, ModernEqualizer, ModernExciter - vst effects by Antress

mda dynamics, mda delay, mda overdrive, mda stereo - vst effects by Maxim Digitall Audio

GlaceVerb - vst effect by DaSample

GEQ31V - vst effect by ANWIDA Soft

s(M)exoscope - vst effect (oscillograph) by Bram @ Smartelectronix - royalty-free samples

Audacity - audio editor

Lame - mp3 codec

Inkscape - vector drawing software

Composer Sallecta
Added: 28.09.2009, 07:19 Last Download 10.06.2024, 11:24
Number of Downloads 1650

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