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Name About
Description SuperRiff_Guitar_BlocFish_Compressor_Ouradrive_FA3_Ful_DVS_Guitar
Tal_Uno62_GranComp_SF_SLe_with sf2 Angular Industrial Set.

I never be able to put my mind in my fingers to play this beautiful left hand, white electric guitar that i have since maybe 10 years.

With the spirit of an instrument, we have to found
the key to be able to liberate the melody inside of this prison but my fingers are not enough fast and nimble to follow my mind.

I have found a solution to this problem!

I just toutch the instrument and i take my revenge with psycle!

Bads things are always there to push us to evolve
because everything have two faces in this world.

Like a turbine, i transform an intense negative energy
like the destroying power of a dirty water,
to something else...electricity?

It is ´´About´´
Composer Ali Bla Bla
Added: 03.07.2008, 06:44 Last Download 30.01.2023, 23:05
Number of Downloads 1712

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