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songs Mp3 or other formats - Ride of the Hamsters

Name Ride of the Hamsters
Description -- Directly from the Mp3´s ID3v2 info --

Decidedly the most awesome track ever written must clearly be Steinar´s "Ride of the Hamsters". The most magnificent piece of art ever conceived of, this majestic composition proudly bears its suitable name; like Wagnerian for trippy people, it will reach down from its perch on high, grab you firmly by the testicles and lift you up through the mists of reality until you finally look into the divine face of hamster godhood.

It was written in a modular software program called Psycle, which crashed and hung and was being a heinous bitch (due primarily to certain unstable VSTs), but goddamn it if it wasn´t fun to make this one. Ride of the Hamsters was written after acquiring certain new soft synths capable of producing sounds that would make Jordan Rudess start rocking out with imaginary unicorns. Recommended if you have an abnormal tolerance for ironic overenthusiastic eurotrash synthpop.
Composer Aqu
Added: 11.04.2008, 00:49 Last Download 02.07.2022, 12:46
Number of Downloads 1121

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