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songs » Mp3 or other formats » - The end of my hard drive

Name The end of my hard drive
Description The song is the same than the other edition but i change the download location to get it easier to download.

The story of this song is a little bit particular. I have to say that this song was write during a kind of ´´trance´´.
It mean that the author have only a control on how to organise what come from the universal.
´´For a moment i forget my name, it have permit to me to write this song´´. Harmonium.

Here the hard drive can be the computer object but it also can be the human brain.

The second part of the song is the expression of the soul (light and happy) that go out of the dead body (very strange and heavy distortion).

Yes, in fact my hard drive crash after this song and i have only a wave (for the last version) that was on a other drive.

Done with ProtoPlasm, Cygnus, Cheese machine, KarmaFX, Crystal, sf2.

Everybody is designed to realise a specific thing in this can be as simple as to have kids (it is never simple after!) or a scientific, art, political realisation and whatever else. It can also be an horrible crime because this thing was necessary to push us to make a reflexion. This bads or goods things come from an universal force and if this is not this person who do it, it will be an other one...someone have to do it.

An useless thing don´t exist in the economy of the universe and when you did what you was designed for, you die.
Composer Ali Bla Bla
Added: 02.11.2007, 06:28 Last Download Today, 10:05
Number of Downloads 1470

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