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Name in him
Description hundreds of spiders came crawling through the window pane. crawling, disappearing in his skin. "it itches a little bit", they said.
he waited.

he didnīt feel any pain and smiled. "you canīt hurt me", he said. a second crowd of spiders, differently coloured, disappeared in him.

the root of a molar broke off. it moved. he could watch it moving through the neck and the chest, toward the heart. it remained there.
it disappeared in him.

he took pliers to pull the tooth out. after the bleeding stopped he laid down and waited for the deadly beasts, more malicious and toxic.
they disappeared in him.

he felt a tasteless slime in his mouth, coming from his ears, too tough to spit it out. his chin, his jaws and neckbones began to soften.

the dawn came up.
he looked out the window. an anciently dressed thin man and a shaggy small girl dug a plant in his yard. small spiders dripped from it.

he didnīt dare no more to go outside among humans by daylight for ages.

he called the cops, opened all doors and windows and waited...
Composer bronski
Added: 13.02.2007, 06:35 Last Download Today, 21:14
Number of Downloads 962

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