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songs Mp3 or other formats - connected

Name connected
Description i try to create a key i can use to remember what is real and what is imagination in the times of isolation that will come again. now ive been working on a piece of music for three days now. its the first one i made without using samples or loops from other songs. its very hard for me to make melodies, i did it by try and error and it occurs to me that there are lots of errors, but thats not important. because i programmed the psycle-tracker almost 6 to 8 hours a day (currently im in an "on-mode") my ears are hurting and i heard the track too often to make a true statement about it. the only people i could ask for help are the ones i meet online, the last friends i got in real life who cared about the process of making own music left me when i got another psychosis in march this year.
the sound is typical for computer music and of course the song is still too long.
Composer bronski
Added: 10.08.2006, 06:51 Last Download 13.08.2022, 12:32
Number of Downloads 1081

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