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songs » Psy songs » - Talvenkulma

Name Talvenkulma
Description My submission for the fourth Psycle compo.
Since only native Psycle generators were allowed (no samples!) I decided to do a ambient-ish downtempo tune without percussion. Or at least so I thought I would...


The winter solstice is almost upon us, and weŽll soon start the journey into light again... But until the wheel of time reaches the point of new birth that will eventually come, it might be a good idea to slow down a bit and just look around us and see all the good things that are...

Anyhow, please: enjoy!

Many people have reported problems playing the psy. If such is your case, get the final OGG version instead (notice that it has been VST mastered in Wavelab, though so it will sound lotsa better than the plain .psy)
Composer Taika-Kim
Added: 16.12.2003, 15:04 Last Download 05.07.2024, 02:52
Number of Downloads 1986

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