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songs » Psy songs » - Kääpiö-Saaren salaisuuks

Name Kääpiö-Saaren salaisuuks
Description OK, my compo entry is here :)
It´s a hi-NRG elekktro-story about the evil threat of the nazi elf menace. Beware.

Get the ogg/mp3 if there´s problems with the psy:

The track uses the following VST plugins:
Iblit -
Mysteron -
Muon Tau - http://www.muon-

SpecMonkyage - ?
SupaPhaser -
CamelPhat FREE -
Blueline FX Pack -
Big Tick Hexaline -
Dominion V1 -
Room Machine 844 -
Ruby Tube -

Hmm, the Shiny FX site is down so here´s a link to Spectral Monkeyage on my server:
Composer Taika-Kim
Added: 14.09.2003, 12:55 Last Download 14.07.2024, 12:25
Number of Downloads 2265

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