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songs Mp3 or other formats - The Integral

Name The Integral
Description 80´s Dark Atmospheric Melodic Trance? :-)

Why the title:
The hero of Yevgeny Zamyatin´s "We" is D-503, a mathematician who is busy building ´Integral´, a gigantic spaceship which will eventually go to other planets to spread the joy of the One State. D-503 joins the plot to take over ´Integral´ and use it as a weapon to destroy One State. However, the conspirators are arrested by the Guardians and the Benefactor decides that action must be taken to prevent further revolts. D-503 like the rest of the people living in One State, is forced to undergo the Great Operation, which destroys the part of the brain which controls passion and imagination.

VSTs used:

Internal/Native Machines/Effects:
2 Sampler (1 clean and one with fx)
Arguru Synth 2f
Arguru Compressor
Arguru CrossDelay
Arguru Goaslicer

Drum Samples:
Boss DR-110

File size: 6.32mb
Time: 6:54

Composer D-503
Added: 04.06.2003, 17:02 Last Download 08.12.2023, 12:46
Number of Downloads 1365

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