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songs Mp3 or other formats - Dimensional percussion

Name Dimensional percussion
Description Dimensional percussion

Lots of rhythmical instruments and I made it for it´s groove so I guess it´s Dance Music.The title dimensional percussion comes from the different stereo effect I have used and the feel this can give the listener.

Produced in psycle using quite alot of different methods for different sound generation technuiques.

Alot of the rhythm on this song being recordings with a Mic I made whislt playing A native instrument,I don´t know it´s name´´ it has been made from a huge tube like cane with both ends sealed,then some slots cut into this hollow log in a ´ H ´ Shape,Using two sticks with coiled rubber on the ends to play it which makes a very wood like and full sound.

native effects used:-
dalay delay
S Verb

native instruments used :-

a variety of other synthesisers sound recorded than fed through a standalone granular sythesiser then re-loaded back up in a psycle sampler.

freeware Vst effects used :-

lizz graphic

Freeware VST Generators used:-


Additional sound inputs:-
Micro phone and effects

Enjoy :)

Composer DANCEnRg
Added: 14.03.2003, 23:40 Last Download Today, 01:23
Number of Downloads 1374

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