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songs » Mp3 or other formats » - Ihmeellinen Parannuskone (9.2mb mp3)

Name Ihmeellinen Parannuskone (9.2mb mp3)
Description OK, here´s my latest go at
power electronikx ;)

This is a story about how bad things happen, and how healing can manifest itself and those things turn back to good again.
(lesson: drugs are bad for you, ok?)

It´s also my cry for peace: we don´t need this, or anymore wars ever again!

If USA attacks, let your voice be heard! Protest, argue, put some grit in the gears...

Somewhere near by, there´s a better tomorrow for us all...

**--Power disco love revolution 2033!--**

Light & Love for everybody!

- Taika-Kim 030303 !!!
Composer Taika-Kim
Added: 03.03.2003, 12:06 Last Download 13.06.2024, 00:00
Number of Downloads 1730

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