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songs » Mp3 or other formats » - music for 'the end of the world' party

Name music for 'the end of the world' party
Description Big crunchy organic progressive disco thing.

Been working on this for a long time (years?), most of it (except for the two main drum parts and the synth arpeggio) got completely rewritten in a 12 hour Psycle binge a couple of days ago.

This is going to be the closing track on my album. Got a lot more ready to go, just need some vocalists.

Had to manually edit two clicks out of the track, a result of using the FCxx command on a dummy plug with multiple effect chains directly before the master block to get a master filter on everything for the middle part and the outro. IŽll look into fixing that in the code at some point.

Machines used:

Sampler x 4 (just drums/percussion loops, through different effect chains)
2p Filter x 6
Dalay Delay x 5

Pooplog FM Laboratory 0.66b (6 oscillator sine/sawtooth bass synth! woo!)
Pooplog FM UltraLight original version (arperggio thing, older DLL has grittier sounding filters)
Phantom 1.1 + Slicit 1.0 (stuttery strings)
Phantom 1.1 (weird sounds in filter part in middle)
mda JX10 Synth (psycho 303 thing)
mda JX10 Synth + mda Leslie (starsynth in disco part)
mda Piano

mda Multiband Compressor (sounds gorgeous on drums)
mda Limiter x 3 (and bass)

js band cut v1 x 3 (used as DC filters, removes 0-50Hz pretty well)

Freeverb (everything patches to this in different amounts)
BlueParamEQ (clean up bass sound)

Page up at eventually, I guess.


Daniel Arena
Composer dub3000
Added: 19.02.2003, 14:12 Last Download Today, 03:50
Number of Downloads 1221

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