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From gabriel logic on 12.01.2002, 11:38:

  Its full of stars

Something mildly intersting I thought I'd share with you all. Today i got psycle to run on my linux box, under win95 emulation, and i managed to play a track. It wasa bit stuttery, bit it was ok. my machine is only a 300mhx tho

just something silly for you all to giggle at, becasue i have too much free time. hehe.

From FingerSoup on 12.01.2002, 15:06:


Well congrats on getting it working. But you might want to know that it's been done before.

There were instructions somewhere on the site for using it with WINE, but I don't know where they got to. You could always write a detailed howto of what you did, then post it, if you had to do anything funny to get it working...

Having said that, it'd be interesting to see a naitive port to Linux.

And [JAZ], I'm not trying to make your head explode... Don't port it yet, unless it would be DEAD EASY. Just keep up the good work you've been doing... I'll be happy with Windows versions for years to come

I thought you beat the inevitability of death to death, just a little bit...

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